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In addition to offering high quality portrait packages with consistent quality, Cantrell Photography, Inc. has a variety of products and services for your school, teachers, students and parents.

Now your students and families have more options on picture day!

Picture the possibilities and discover our commitment to quality and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Cantrell Photography, Inc. offers a complete wide range of services and portrait programs that allows us to be a “total solutions” partner who understands your school’s needs.

Our photography teams are experienced, trained and committed to ensuring smooth running picture days.

Cantrell Photography, Inc. was one of the first school photography companies to capture the image digitally. This step has made us a leader in this style of photography.

We are dedicated to personal, local customer service. We handle all aspects of the photography program including any questions you or the parents of your students may have. Our office staff is available to answer questions concerning picture day, delivery of product, and any follow-up questions you may have concerning the photography program.

In addition to the school photography programs, we offer a complete full service yearbook division. Our yearbooks are printed locally using the state of the art digital programs, software, and technical support. Our customer service representative is available to serve your needs. Our yearbooks are outstanding. Each yearbook is full color and features many high grade elements. The cost of the yearbook is very important to us, so pricing is very affordable for all.


School Day: Portrait package sales materials will be provided for distribution to students two weeks prior to picture day as well as a reminder sticker will be supplied to be given to students the day before. Picture day posters will be included for display. Disposable combs are provided for each student on picture day. A portrait make-up/absentee day will be offered after the original picture day portraits have been delivered. To ensure the best possible photography day experience, we provide a three member fully trained photography team.

We work around any schedule the school may have; and, if parent volunteers assist us, each family will receive a picture day voucher to be used for complimentary portraits.

Affordable Picture Packages: A broad range of portrait packages will be offered to parents and students with a starting price of $10.00. We offer a wide selection of fresh new looks and products. Your parents may pick and choose their package selections and create a plan that will be very affordable to them. Class pictures are also offered. Portrait packages are returned to your school per your specifications.

If a student does not bring their money on picture day, the parent will receive a notice informing them how they may order the picture by the next day. Online ordering is also available.

All staff will receive a complimentary portrait package and staff picture. All teachers will receive a complimentary individual class picture.


Convenient, secure and easy.


Images on CD for your school’s system will be provided for each picture day.

Yearbook Image CD for the yearbook provided combining all picture days. Each image is color corrected and the head sizes are consistent.

Peel ‘N Stick Record Prints are supplied for the school records and each teacher will receive their very own set(s) to use as they wish for projects throughout the year. Quantities vary per your request.

Principal’s Directories and Albums:
An album containing each teacher’s class will be supplied as well as a complete directory of all students photographed. Quantities vary per your request.

ID Cards and Library Support:
Depending on the needs of the school we will supply a Student ID and a Staff ID badge. Custom designed PVC cards are provided at no additional cost. Additional badges are also provided per request from the school.


  • Award Certificates and other student recognition products
  • Fundraising Programs
  • Spring Portrait Programs
  • Panorama Picture
  • Visitor and Volunteer Stickers
  • Field Trip Stickers
  • Emergency Cards
  • Calendars for Desk and Wall


CANTRELL PHOTOGRAPHY, INC. is committed to providing the very best quality in photographic and yearbook services to your entire school family. We are your local school photography and yearbook company.

We are grateful for this opportunity to serve you and your community.

We will make sure everyone smiles all year long!

We sincerely appreciate your interest and time.

Thank you from all of us at Cantrell Photography.